• Asya Port 2 units STS crane sales.

• 96 units Liebherr ship crane sales.

• Clinker sales of 8,000,000 mt in total to West Africa, South America, Central America, Northern Europe, North Africa, Italy and Spain between 2010-2020.

• Slag sales of 1,200,000 mt to Northern Europe and Spain, 75,000 mt to West Africa, including 2021.

• Sea transportation of 4,500,000 mton clinker, cement, slag, coal, bauxite and gypsum in 2019 and 2020.

• Installation of a 500 ton per hour "cement mill" for Fouta company in Monrovia - Liberia.

• Installation of a "cement mill" with a capacity of 300 tons per hour in Mauritania