Marvel Group

Marvel is a maritime shipping and consultancy firm, whose foundations date back to the 1980s, that initially served as a broker, shipowner and operator in dry cargo shipping, then expanded its expertise by incorporating ship sales & purchase, foreign trade and project management into its services.

Marvel acted as consultants of Is Bank, Yapı Kredi Bank and Denizbank in Turkey for many years in regards to shipping loans and ship investments. Marvel had developed projects to improve daily loading rates in some ports in Libya & Turkey.

As a consulting firm, it’s main competitive advantage is it’s international experience and client portfolio over the years.

Our strengths as Marvel Consulting:
• Dominance of both local and foreign markets.
• High level of experience in specialist areas.
• A team approach on most consulting projects.
• The accessibility capabilities of company managers due to their maritime and foreign trade experience of up to 45 years and their wide portfolio within this period.
• Flexibility to offer different alternatives from one channel due to company’s wide and international business connections portfolio.